Miro Denck


A documentary by Jannis Lenz
AT, 2021, 76 min, Digital, 1:1.85

Ahmet, a champion boxer with Turkish roots and a professional soldier in the Austrian Army, starts taking acting lessons. On stage he comes face to face with his own internal battles.


BMKÖS, VAM, Stadt Wien MA7, Land Niederösterreich, Freunde der Filmakademie
In co-operation with Filmakademie Wien


First Steps Award
Documentary Film Nominee 

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Charles E. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award 

Diagonale 21' 
Best Sound Design for Documentary Film

Kitzbühel Film Festival 
Best Director

This Human World Festival
Award Winner 


International Film Festival Nyon - Visions du Réel
Sarajevo Film Festival
DOK.fest München
Film Festival Bozen
Zagreb Dox
Festival Cinematográfico International Del Uruguay
Frame[o]ut Festival 
Europe On Screen Indonesia 
Biografilm Festival


Cast: Ahmet Simsek, Margot Vuga, Andreas Simma, 
Adriana Salles

Written and Directed by: Jannis Lenz
Director of Photography: Jakob Fuhr
Editing: Jannis Lenz, Roland Stöttinger, Nooran Talebi
Dramaturgical Advisor: Tizza Covi
Sound and Music: Benedikt Palier
Sound Mix: Rudolf Potoschnig

Grading: Lee Niederkofler, ViennaFX
Poster Design: Miro Denck
Location Manager: Clara Maria Bacher, Christoph Rohner
Producers: David Bohun, Lixi Frank


«Jannis Lenz creatively and amusingly challenges prejudices.»
Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa

«With musicality, beauty and delicate caution, Jannis Lenz’s camera follows the soldier Ahmet inside the barracks, in the demanding boxing training and during his rehearsals, playing a Stanley Kowalski unable to let himself be carried away by his passions.»
Violeta Bava, Visions du Reél - IFF Nyon

«A multifaceted debut film, that’s carried by a deeply lovable protagonist, whose optimism and bold nature is a breath of fresh air in uncertain times like these.»
Jan Hestmann, FM4


«Jannis Lenz achieves the rare feat of unifying meta-piece and complex, layered characters; he masterfully crafts an intimate viewing experience that lives from its lightness, while still embracing moments of heaviness.»
Jakob Dibold, Ray Film Magazine

«There is sweetness and attention in Lenz’s gaze, there is understanding and study in the formulation of the portrait: Soldat Ahmet grows progressively and remains in circulation for a long time, precisely because he knows how to treat the muscular part like the tender one from his protagonist.»
Massimo Causo, Critic Fipresci / European Film Academy

«Soldat Ahmet is a complex, subtly layered and ever-growing portrait.»
Carolin Weidner, Catalogue Diagonale ‘21

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